How to come by plane in Casamance

There are three possibilities to come to Casamance by airways.

The plane is the simplest and fastest solution.

- A direct flight Paris Cap Skirring

- An interior flight Dakar-Ziguinchor

- From all over Europe flights (except France) to Banjul, Gambia international airport.

Flights to The Gambia are very practical especially if you want to discover the side of the Casamance and Abene Kafountine.

Coming in Casamance by Banjul

The fastest and cheapest way to come to Casamance.

There are flights from almost all the european capitals.

The cheapest flights are on the market in general departure from London, Brussel, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

It is not uncommon to find return flights less than 500 Euros and tourist season !!!

If you are French you can come from Belgium or Spain, depending on your geographical position, even if it takes another flight it may be advantageous thanks to the many low cost flights that exists across europe.

We can arrange taxi transfer from the airport to Banjul Abene.

You can check flights on the site vueling or ask us via our form below to search with dates of your stay in senegal.

Direct flight Paris Cap Skirring

Several weekly flights are departing from Paris towards the sun and the airport of Cape Skirring.

 - Every Saturday a flight from Paris to Cape Skirring Departure CDG conducted by the airline Air Méditerranée.

- Every Wednesday and Sunday flights from Orly to Cape Skirring made by the airline Transavia.

Information: Travel - - Tel + 33 899 651 951

Transavia http: // ...

Casamance travel tourism travel agency

Tel. (00221) 33 991 43 62 or 77 574 98 63

Flight Province - casamance

It is possible to go from the airport closest to your home!

You can take a flight from Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulouse to Dakar airport. A match for Casamance Ziguinchor airport and takes place daily.

Information: Travel - - Tel + 33 899 651 951

Alternatively, take the boat to Dakar has Casamance.

Flight Dakar Ziguinchor

There are daily flights between Dakar and Ziguinchor, a flight in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Contact a travel agency on site to book your airline tickets to Ziguinchor.

Casamance Travel Tourism: Tel. (00221) 33 991 43 62 or 77 574 98 63