Senegal trekking information



Inn camps (traditional huts equipped with toilets and sometimes electricity) and bivouac tent igloo.


Breakfast: coffee, tea, milk, bread, butter and jam.

Lunch: Picnic composed salad or local hot dishes, fruit

Dinner: traditional and European dishes.


Step in the cool, break in a village at midday nap and palaver arrived at the stage between 17 and 18 h 00.


Local French speaking guide.


By your active and positive you will contribute to the cohesion and harmony of the group guarantee the success of your trip.


This raid is for everyone even beginners. Running time 2 to 4 hours / day on rough level ground.

Casamance is a delta, so we alternate between plateau area (rice fields, savannas, forests and groves) and mangrove swamps and rice fields.


No vaccinations are required in Senegal, nevertheless tetanus vaccinations, polio and anti-typhoid and yellow fever are highly recommended. It is essential to follow an anti malarial treatment (consult your doctor or a specialized institute).

Recommended personal pharmacy: Personal medicines, élastoplast roll width 5 cm, anti malarial mosquito repellent ointment, effective sunscreen, lip stick, anti diarrheal aspirin micropur pellet.


passport valid for French citizens visa +

Other nationalities approach the Consulate of Senegal in your country.


- 1 large travel bag that is in the support vehicle.

- 1 30 liter backpack for carrying your personal belongings during the day.

- Light hiking shoes.

Personal equipment recommended: 1 bag sheet or light down, 1 short, 1 light pants, 3 or 4 T- shirt, 1 light sweater, 2-3 pair of socks loops, 1 swimsuit, 1 pair of tennis, business Toilet, hat or cap, 1 pocket knife, covered individual, toilet paper, sunglasses, flashlight with extra batteries, water bottle 1.5 liter.


Compared with residents:

During this trip you will rub different ethnic groups: Fulani; Mandinka, Wolof and especially the Diola. All religions are practiced in Casamance and coexist without problems. It is important to follow the advice of your guide to respect the different practices.

Casamance is a friendly and welcoming natural because they have a long tradition of inter-ethnic coexistence. Here abroad is accepted if it meets people.

Be careful not to give anything to children, as by simple gestures can destabilize an entire social system and create new behavior (Refusal to go to school, begging, etc ...). Make sure you have a proper dress respecting local customs (no shorts too short for women).

If you take pictures always ask permission to people concerned and think their forward a draw is a nice gift and avoids coinage pictures. Never agree to do acts that you will not realize (correspondence, gift items, etc ..).


Hot and dry during the winter (20-35 °), rainy season from June to September.


Provide euros in cash or make changes in Dakar. Difficulty exchange on the spot with credit card or traveler. Rate on Cap Skirring: 1 euro = 642 FCFA

Each participant is aware that given the nature of trips that we organize and given the remoteness of medical centers, he can run some risks. He takes them knowingly and agrees not to blame for accidents that may occur in Atlantic Abene or guides.

Individual repatriation accident insurance (mutual, credit card or other) is required before departure of the raid.

TO Rates: 4-7 pax: 340 €, 8-10 pax: 325 €; 11-13 pax: 300 €

This price includes:

Local transfers, accommodation in cottage, meals (except lunch and dinner J7 / J8), coaching, collective and technical equipment (ATVs), liability insurance and in general all services specified in syllabus.

This price does not include:

Drinks, lunches and dinners J7 / J8, repatriation insurance, gratuities and any other unforeseen benefit program.