Discover the northern Casamance, the jewel of the islands Karone Senegal!

We invite you to discover the northern part of Casamance region, particularly the Kafountine area Abéné and Karone islands.

It is here that we can be aware of all the riches of Casamance.

Huge mango orchards, orange, lemon, papaya and other fruits of the land are numerous there and if one adds the rice fields, farmland cassava, peanuts and of course the gardens, so it is understandable why one nicknamed Casamance, Senegal's breadbasket. The geographical position of this area is very special.

The villages of Abene, niafarang, Diana, Colomba, and Kabadio Kafountne are landlocked between the ocean and the mangrove forest with many species. There is a strong cultural activity in the villages of the area and specifically Abéné where Mandingo and Karone community live peacefully. One can attend the mask dances like Kumpo see dancers and tappers djembe to a festive atmosphere.

The village of Kafountine is the largest in the region, there is a high population and the village continues to grow. Indeed Kafountine has the largest fishing port of Casamance, which has attracted many workers from the four corners of Africa. The port is a hive Kafountine, fishermen, fishmongers, fish fund holders, women cleaning fish, all are busy hours of landing in a broom most picturesque. Onsite impressive dens and dryer sections process the fish which is then shipped to the region.

Not far away, in a lush mangrove hide Karone mysterious islands. To reach them, you will take a boat is traveling the countless inlets that make up the mangrove. Mangrove branches sink into the water where oysters fix it and you can taste. A real treat, a new gift of nature for the people of this habitat of the most magical.

The Karones, water, people, living from rice farming and fishing. The Karones are deem throughout Casamance to have the most powerful fetishes, many people in search of hope concerning a personal problem come to consult the spirits of the ancients. It serves palm wine and palaver with joyful and welcoming population.

Discover now the program in detail of the mystical trek high Casamance.