Natural baits, essential technique of your fishing trip

During your fishing trip you will most certainly brought a handline to fish. This technique will allow us to fish "to all comers" with different eshes such as shrimp or fish but also ask to vifs.On fishing lines over the graves of the mangrove, above wrecks and along the mangrove offering shelters for fish.

Fish: all tropical fish our waters; barracuda, red snapper, trevally, captain, otolith, stingray, red drum, blowfish, black bream, plexiglass.
This is above pits of 10 to 30 meters we will post. As surf casting, fishing with handlines can affect all species of fish, simply vary jigs and bait.
Prawns try almost any fish, but large carnivores prefer a mule net or live fish. You will certainly have the opportunity to spar with a large butterfly stripe or a big captain. Then refine your fixtures and make your nodes because the fish caught can reach 20 pounds and more !!!