Fishing technique in Senegal

When your fishing trip, we suggest you go in search of the most beautiful fish in Senegal.

You will have the opportunity to fish with hand lines, or surfing the beaches of our region. You can focus your effrots on a fishing lure or bright.
Here everything is possible for sport fishing and you will just ask the fishing guide to fish your favorite techniques and so we will put you in the best conditions for a catch Whether it 'sa soft lure fishing, jigging or troll or drift to the quick ...

The fact of mastering several fishing techniques you will discover an impressive variety of fish because CASAMANCE is known for its rich fishing grounds; one meets kingfish, CARP RED, CAPTAINS, croakers, BUTTERFLY STRIPES, STRIPES GUITARS, RAIES stingrays, groupers BRONZE and many others not to mention the famous BARRACUDA.

Fishing life bait

In fishing by hook and line, sometimes taking small fish with shrimp. That day our fisherman First of all has taken a small sumpattes (kind of sparta) we immediately put as keen on a powerful rod. A few minutes later, the reward, a beautiful master !!!

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Fishing from the edge

The beaches of the casamances allow to fish in surf casting but also casting a lure, especially technical efficacent about stations located near the river mouths.

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