Fishing travel Video

Discover in Casamance fishing videos, successful fishing trip memories.

Fishing Video in Casamance

Fishing trolling, two goals from captain caught with deep thunder storms.

The lines cross and the two fishermen got down to two big masters who give big rush.

Remember the deep thunder of storm, they are a priority of your box of fishing.

Captain catch with natural bait

Captain gives a pretty good from a lot of problems in our fisherman.

A fishing hook and line brings in a lot of different fish species.

This captain was caught with a saddle fitting and a nice, fresh shrimp.

Video of fishing to bright

A big captain about fifteen Kilos taken alive.

A small sumpate dive of a circle d in the beak will try this beautiful fish !!!

Fishing life bait often pays big fish.

Fishing Video trolling

The captains are very numerous on our fishery.

We can take them into trolling, fishing to bright and soft lures.

We search the mangrove areas with a rocky bottom which houses all the food necessary for the survival of this fantastque fish.

Surf casting Travel in Africa

Surfcasting in africa reserve size of surprises !!!
Two fishing techniques during this stay in senegal:
- Surfcasting and throwing lure.
Rays insured guitar !!!

Video trolling

A GoPro video of trolling ...

Discover a fishing captain in senegal.
In this video you can see a handsome captain caught trolling with lures deep thunder storm.

video surfcasting senegal
Video of a stingray guitar fish in the surf casting senegal village of Abene.
The surf fishing casting works very hard in the month of February, March and until June
At this time the guitar lines are very numerous and must be well equipped to put dry.

video jack crevalle fishing
One of crevalle fishing video trachinote taken with natural bait.
the trachinote is very combative as Jak crevalle!
Watch the head shot inflicts what is our sinful.

video surf casting in africa

A new african surf casting video, the Casamance and its beaches dreams ...

Another beautiful guitar taken during a fishing trip Abene.

The surf casting guitar line is a real treat, an intense battle followed by a good laugh between friends ....

Video trolling

The trolling with deep thunder storm home, it works !!!

You will find a little repetitive, but I repeated again in case the message is not passed.

Remember to make lures deep thunder of storm, must for behind....

Video senegal fishing

Video of a big catch, the trolling in Casamance.

A new example of the effectiveness of deep thundre of storm.

Also predict rapala magnum model.

video barracuda fishing

The Barracuda is a large predator, with an incredible speed.

He uses his speed to capture prey, you can feel his determination in his first rush under the boat.

fishing video casamance

Casamance a captain in video, fishing captain that is the top !!!

It is a powerful and heavy fish that do not hesitate to go against the current to pass your line under the hull.

We must be very careful in the last rush near the boat.