Get ready for a fishing camp in Senegal
During your fishing trip you will have the opportunity if you wish to spend a night or two in the bush or on a mouth at an organized camp, an opportunity to fish at night but also from the very dawn.

We know we fishermen, as dawn and dusk are times when the fish have a higher activity and is often the time to take a very large fish and why not to beat his personal best.

Several bivouacs were set up by us after long hours of propection to introduce you to a new and very poissoneuse fishery.

I will not be specific about these fisheries because in good fisherman I wish that my clients take this place as long as possible, and for that we really want to preserve this area where we will fish no kill.

Only a few fish can be harvested for our consumption in the camps. Strong nature lovers do not hesitate to offer a camp for more time fishing and lot of remember time ...

Fishing and camping in Casamance

Total immersion in a verdant, bivouacs allow you to enjoy an extraordinary nature, fishing beside the big red carp and other predators are waiting for night fishing!