Discover your fishing boat holiday in Casamance

During your holiday dedicated to fishing on a boat, you will have the opportunity to discover an exceptional habitat in Casamance.

Many fishing techniques but above all, many tropical fish of great vivacity are waiting for you. Jackfish, threadfish and snappers are amazing fighters and always give us a hard time. You will be fishing for barracudas and other predators in our waters, trolling along the mangrove trees and in estuaries, but also angling over a pit or in natural canals which fish use to swim from one area to another. When using live bait, you will certainly have the opportunity to catch a huge threadfish or a fantastic barracuda.

But you can also search for them drifting with live baits around the boat, and take the opportunity to throw your lures in the surroundings. Spinning is also amazing here because not only there are many species of fish but you can also use floating lures or explore the seabed with a nice drachko or a good soft lure. Of course, everyday is different, and that is why six days of fishing throughout the Senegalese mangrove will leave you with endless memories.

Fishing holiday in Africa

A boat fishing package for an unforgettable holiday...

On this picture, you can see a very happy fishing guest with a superb threadfish caught with live bait. Threadfish are among the largest fish in the region, together with guitar fish and barracudas.

It is not unusual to take fish exceeding 15 kilos or more in the mangrove, which is home to many fish species.