Fishing holiday in Africa 

We invite you to our fishing holiday in Senegal and more precisely to this green region in Casamance. 

Our team at the Atlantic Lodge in Abene, with more than 15 years of sport fishing experience will advise you throughout your stay. Our fishing zone spreads across the whole northwest part of the Casamance River, very close to Gambian waters. That is undoubtedly one of the most unspoilt areas in Senegal. Real Africa for a holiday where you will discover untouched fauna and flora, and the maze of sea inlets is ideal to practice our favourite sport.
Our team includes a French fishing guide and local skippers who have an expert knowledge of the labyrinth of waterways in the region of Casamance and will be able to show you in their unique way, the country of thousand rivers. To help you discover the best locations in the best way possible, we have developed for you three different fishing holiday packages tailored to your dreams and desires, but also best suited to your budget. Therefore, I am sure you will find the right holiday for you among the boat fishing, the multi-fishing or the surfcasting holiday packages.

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 Angling and surfcasting in Casamance 

Jackfish regularly hunt along sandbanks around estuaries. Jackfish can be caught with natural bait but also using angling with a popper or a stickbait.