Your fishing guides in Africa

The fishing team consists of two experienced guides who will be happy to share their passion for fishing with you. They take you through the shell edge mangrove open specially equipped to satisfy at best our passion.

Your Guide to senegal

Demba Remi, a native of Karones Islands (our fishing area) is the son of a fisherman and a rice farmer from the village of Kuba.

Child when school was not in order, he followed his father to fishing trips through the Casamance mangroves. They settled on islands and climbed up camp for a few days of fishing in an area.

Thus Rémi taste has been fishing and learned over the years to know every corner of this vast labyrinth of sea water.

Later he had to leave the area to do training of artisans on wood sculptor in Gambia neighboring country.

On his return to the area Abene, Kafountine he met Patrick who offered him a fishing guide post. The formation then began, handlines, fixtures, nodes, trolling, speed, lures ect ...

After a few months of training began to Rémi guide only fishermen came to compete with tropical fish.

It's been 8 years of experience to Rémi is always happy to go fishing, you'll see when you go out with him a passion for fishing that the anime. Her favorite techniques: handlines and drift fishing.

Fishing guide casamance

Patrick is from France, insider fishing by his grandfather dice the age of 6, he acquired throughout his youth all fishing techniques and becomes a real enthusiast.

In 1997 he landed in Africa for a journey of discovery between friends. Africa is becoming his second passion ...

Two years later, Patrick decided to settle in Senegal, particularly in Casamance begins a fishing guide career.

That 15 years to discover that the habitat of this region. You can ask him about the fauna, flora and local culture in addition of course to all the information and assistance they need to make a beautiful fish.

His favorite technique: drift fishing vertically with soft lures and live bait.