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Cheap fishing holiday in Senegal.

We provide cheap fishing holiday in Senegal.

As a top destination, Senegal has long been recognized for its fish-bearing waters. Only a few hours flight from Europe, it is the first tropical destination. Senegal has incidentally been crowned many times as World sport fishing champion and several world championships have taken place in Senegalese waters. Our sport fishing centre provides fishing and discovery trips in Casamance. It is our invitation to a change of scene and to the discovery of an extraordinary region with generous and welcoming people, off the beaten track …

Pêche au leurre souple

Our fishing holiday in Casamance will allow you to discover a fantastic habitat throughout the mangrove, a fish and bird breeding area. 

Our multi-fishing and coast fishing holiday packages will take you kilometres along the coastline, where you will have the opportunity to practice surfcasting or lure fishing near estuaries and other spots. 

Please browse through our various holiday packages and make your choice!!! 

Discover your fishing boat holiday in Casamance 

During your holiday dedicated to fishing on a boat, you will have the opportunity to discover an exceptional habitat in Casamance.

Many fishing techniques but above all, many tropical fish of great vivacity are waiting for you. Jackfish, threadfish and snappers are amazing fighters and always give us a hard time.

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Multi-fishing holiday in Casamance 

The multi-fishing holiday will allow you to discover all possible fishing techniques in our tropical waters in the Casamance River.

You will have the opportunity to encounter the famous barracuda using trolling or fishing with live bait, as well as fight for a guitar fish in surfcasting, or again catch a snapper or threadfish by drifting with a jig.

That will therefore be a holiday mixing fishing from the shore and from a boat.

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Africa is waiting for you for a surfcasting holiday in the beautiful region of Casamance in Senegal... 

This holiday in Senegal is entirely dedicated to surfcasting, fishing from the shore, where you will discover the beaches of Casamance at great length.

Two main techniques during this holiday, surfcasting and of course spinning.

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