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Excursions in Casamance

The Atlantic Abéné hotel also offers you the opportunity to discover the Casamance through various excursions.

These tours will bring you to the meeting of the Senegalese population and its way of life, customs, rites.

But you can have an approach of fauna and flora Casamance, very rich in its poultry population, ornithologist will be in heaven.

You'll find yourself monkeys, monitor lizards, mongooses and can be antelopes and warthogs if you know how you discreet in forest roads.

We can take you to several reserves (national) bird or otherwise visit the cities of the region as Ziguinchor and Kafountine. A whole program ....

Discover in detail our excursions to discover the Casamance.

  • Islands Excursion Karone
  • excursion Ziguinchor
  • ornithological tour
  • hiking excursion
  • excursion Kafountine