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Discover the bird fauna in West Africa

Bird watching in Senegal and Casamance

Senegal is undoubtedly nature lovers’ and especially bird watchers’ favourite destination. Many species may be found having a sedentary and seasonal life.

You will have the privilege to contemplate a wide range of African birds in various habitats during your stay, assisted by a team of enthusiasts.

Bird watching in Casamance


If we had to choose the best region for bird watching in Senegal, then it would Casamance. This region gathers all habitats - forest, savannah, mangroves, the sea shore - which allow you to observe a wide range of birds. Casamance is viewed as the third best bird watching site in West Africa thanks to several bird sanctuaries.

Bird watching or how to observe the birds:

Via our organization, you will discover all birds of Casamance. We provide several logistic ways to approach them more easily.

A boat is available to go to the reserves hidden among the mangroves such as the Kalissai sanctuary, lost in the middle of nowhere or the sanctuary located in the village of Kassel,near Kafountine. Another boat will be used to observe the pelagic birds in the sea.

A 4x4 vehicle and mountain bikes are available to penetrate in the heart of the forest and see many arboreal species. An experienced guide will take you to the best observation sites. 

Marshlands and wetlands


There are two major seasons in West Africa, the dry season and the rainy season.

Starting in July, heavy rains hit the area until September early October.

This water supply creates wetland areas which remain in the dry season and allow the birds to find fresh water throughout the year.

During the coolest hours of the morning and late afternoon, the birds come and cool off, which offers the opportunity to observe a variety of species.

The mangrove


The Mangrove of Casamance is huge and it takes a very deep knowledge of the area to venture into the maze of sea water.

Our guides are highly skilled to navigate through the mangrove and know all the secrets hidden within. Several bird sanctuaries are located in this area, such as the Kalissai and Kassel sanctuaries.

You will be able to watch pelicans, spoonbills, flamingos, yellow billed ibis, sacred ibis, cormorants, bee-eaters and many others. 

Savannahs and pastures


The savannah is an area of poor vegetation which mainly consists of herbasse.

There are a few thorny trees such as acacia trees, some palm trees quite distant from each other and also cayor apple trees.

One can easily observe raptors, seed eaters, rollers, geese, partridges, and also some cattle egrets other species of waders.

Indeed we also find herds of cows using this environment as pastures. 

The sea shores


Our hotel is located on the beach of Abene.

This area is classified as a marine reserve.

One can observe many sea birds, especially at low tide close to estuaries.

Terns, pelicans, seagulls, gulls, curlews, snipes etc.

The hotel garden


There are many garden birds in the garden, thanks to the minor adaptations made around the hotel. Birds enjoy using feeders and water bowls for their small daily grooming.

A perfect time to take some shots very easily.

Many flowers and trees also shelter many beautiful species.

White-browed robin-chats, bulbuls, weavers, firefinches, indigo birds, doves etc.

The forest in Casamance


Casamance has a subtropical climate; forests in this region are dense with many rare and protected species. In this forest, there are tree species such as white crowned robin chats, turacos, hornbills, bush shrikes, flycatchers and many other species. On the edge of these forests, one can also observe other species, as the edges offer a transition between open and forested areas. The birds can then easily be observed since they usually roost on high branches emerging in the open, for instance, raptors on the lookout for small rodents to hunt.