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Welcomes in our Casamance hotels in the village of Abene in Senegal.

The Atlantic Abene hotels is located in Casamance, in the Southern region of Senegal.

The hotels estate stretches on the coast for about 2 hectares, a real haven of peace in the middle of a tropical garden and a forest of filao trees.

The region of Abene is an exceptional site, especially with its WWF marine protected area, a token of the rich fauna and flora; it is the country of thousand rivers…

In this lush natural landscape, we suggest a discovery of the extraordinary biodiversity environment with bird watching tours, trekking or even sport fishing. 

       Stay at the hotel


Do you want any know about the differents benefits of the hotel Atlantic Abéné. Rooms Capacity, the services offered to the customers, see photos of rooms and any usefull for the preparation of your trip.


          Fishing trip


As a top destination, Senegal has long been recognized for its fish-bearing waters. Only a few hours flight from Europe, it is the first tropical destination. Take a look about our fishing package.




          Birding trip



Senegal is undoubtedly nature lovers and especially bird watchers favourite destination. Many species may be found having a sedentary and seasonal life.You will have the privilege to contemplate a wide range of African birds in various habitats...


        Trek and tours


Discover the secrets of the Casamance. We developped you hiking and tours throughout the region. Meet this warms population, visit the mystic site and browse through wonderfull scenery...